Can U-Haul?

        Major achievement of the day was the U-Haul. We woke up way too late and then took a cab to the rental place. Although I’d checked to make sure our 10-foot-bedded truck was ready and willing just 2 days ago, the wannabe power executive of a rental lady briskly informed me that the truck I’d reserved was now broken all the other short beds were rented out and she had a 17-footer do we want is yes or no. A call to the Nevada U-Haul center got us a location for a different rental place that would supposedly actually have our size car, so another overpriced cab ride it was. the multimile trip saved us all of 3 feet in truck length, but we decided to settle for the 14-foot titan of transportation and just pray that it wouldn’t devour too much gas. After 1 look in the back, everyone but me wouldn’t even consider riding in the back. I got behind the wheel, we piled all 4 of us into the 2.5-person cab, and away we went.
        And back we came: innumerable arguments, unreasonable stress, and several near collisions occurred as we tried to drive just a few miles across town, so we decided to return the behemoth and accept our fate as passengers of buses. Fully refunded and short-lived, our U-Haul adventure had come to an end.
        It’s our last day in Vegas, so we continued wandering the Strip. Most unique casino features were the Venetian’s indoor, artificial canals complete with gondolas and MGM Grand’s live lions. Pulling and occasionally (albeit temporarily) winning at slot machines entertained me for awhile, but not much else was exciting and legal or possible to do for the underage without fake IDs. I’ve had enough of this town, what one of our cabbies described as “an architect’s wet dream.” Los Angeles is calling…

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