Below 0, Zs Above 8,000

        We start the day leaving our art project / hostel. Alan the caretaker's gone from one extreme to the other in my estimation, grumpy hermit half-awakenly trying to turn us away to interesting dude spending his days actually building something instead of overindulging in the passive consumption so many of us (including myself) spend the vast majority of our time focusing on. Eschewing power tools while building your art project abodes is a lot more reasonable than leaving your cubicle to pay for moving pictures of people trying to sing. I wish I could replace every bit of useless knowledge I have floating around my head about the idiocy of American politics with even a little improvement to my rudimentary knowledge of natural building.
        Our last dive to earn our fancy-pants PADI Open Water SCUBA TM Copyright certification doesn't include the one thing we're most excited for: sharks. But, we do get to see a variety of funky tiny fishies and swim through some tunnels, so it's overall an enjoyable aquatic undertaking.
        The certification test a bit less so, rushing to fill in the final before our panga back to Big Corn leaves. We both pass, with Amanda kicking my butt by a good margin.
        Maybe a bit ironic that the first thing we do is break a scuba rule against not flying for 12 hours after a dive, but we survive our Big Corn Island to Managua flight without any nitrogen-bubble-induced strokes.
        Spoiled Americans, we splurge for the convenience (and realcoffee) of the airport Best Western. Dinner and laziness with our air conditioning, cable, and internet wraps up our last full night.

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