Nothin ButÖ

        At the Nothin ButÖ bar, free quality music on a Monday night. Still amazed that I have a variety of choices of things to do here on a typical night, let alone for free and on a Monday. Itís amateur night, but my earís more inexperienced than the musicians: it all sounds great to me. Itís exaggeration to refer to the venue as big enough to be considered a hole in the wall, but that doesnít take away from the night. Itís a Monday and Iím bobbing my head to great blues for free.
        Travel thousands of miles from college in Philadelphia to meet a Philadelphian. Living all of 10 blocks from my dorm, a saxophonist I encountered in the bar is traveling Europe on a $5,000 grant from his fine arts school. Must be nice: coupla grand to blow around the continent with. Makes me doublethink paying so much for school, realizing how much could be done with that money otherwise and how much Iíve learned for freeÖ then again, wasting (?) money on school doesnít preclude me from anything, really. I guess the maxim holds: the best things in life, and a good deal of nice things like tiny bars with live acts on weekdays, are free.

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