Traveling Smarter?

        Nothing of consequence happened today: simply chilling in London. But, thanks to my costly experience in Spain, I have been thinking of ways to travel without getting quite so screwed out of my stuff. My travel tool ideas: upload photocopies of my credit cards, passport, birth certificate, social security card, and other things that would be useful to have if I have to prove Iím me. Also bank account numbers, addresses and contact information for people to bail me out, and credit card info could make life easier if I get too ambitious at the shuffling coconuts game and gamble everything on me away. Would obviously have to be password-protected and/or hiddenÖ Downside: Iíd basically be putting everything needed to let somebody prove they were me online, whether that somebody actually was me or not. Possibly stupider than falling asleep and getting your bookbag stolen.
inconspicuous scraps of paper in the bottom of my pockets: another way of having something left if all is stolen. Have the number for a credit card that I donít carry with me written down on a teeny, tiny, unnoticeable, why-would-anyone-want-this-piece-of-nothing in the bottom of a pocket. Probably a good idea, but obviously no good if my pants get stolen, ie nude beach robbery.
the string from the Godzilla movie where the Chinese guy leans off a skyscraperís balcony while supported just by this thread: tied between me and my bag, strong, invisible string might wake me up as somebody robs me. Downsides: I sleep like such a rock that it might take several blocks of being dragged before I regain consciousness, and what do I do if I do wake up? Also, I think the string was just made up by the Godzilla director, so it might have a little difficulty finding some.
food: no real need for this besides that I eat a lot. You can never have too much food.
        Well, Iím done rambling for today. More meaningless babble tomorrow:)

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