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Welcome to GetYourGo!  Enjoy your stay, but get going soon...

Our Mission


GetYourGo.com will provide car rental services targeted at the college student market. 

GetYourGo is focusing upon the student market because previously there have been many barriers for those under 25 to rent a car, mainly availability and a high price premium.  GetYourGo will make it much more convenient and cheap for people in this segment to rent a car and provide all the entire necessary legal framework to reduce the risk associated with this transaction.  College students will be given access to quick and easy car rentals, and our studies show that this market is filled with unsatisfied students and waiting to be tapped.  Additionally, many students on campus have cars that are not used on a regular basis and would like the opportunity to make extra money through utilization of their idle vehicles.

By concentrating our service exclusively in a college area, we will be mitigating some of the risk of having irresponsible drivers.  We will be better able to establish trust and reliability with RentRunners because they will know that only fellow Penn students will be able to rent their cars and that all the necessary background checks have been taken.  The service will start among our core base of social networks and then expand through word of mouth about our excellent service.


Company Profile

We're a bunch of college students who think that people under 21 are responsible enough to rent cars without being treated like children.  If you agree, we'd like to do some business with you:)


Contact Information

Postal address
326 S. 42nd St., Philadelphia, PA 19104
Electronic mail
General Information: liseman@wharton.upenn.edu
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Webmaster: liseman@wharton.upenn.edu


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