Sumo Sake Bender

        Itís doesnít involve sumo or sake, but my last day in Japan is a bit of a bender. I arrive enraged at the Tsukiji Fish Market, worried that the extra hour I slept on the subway means Iíll have missed all the sushi-spectacular action. Far from it: I witness far more frozen torpedo-sized tuna carcasses being sawed apart, fish beheaded rapid fire, buckets of strange squirmy creatures, and funky fish-hauling vehicles almost running me over than I need. This massive, stinky carcass of commerce supplying most of Tokyoís fish is gross enough that I opt to forego ridiculously fresh sushi and get pancakes for breakfast instead.
        Even with a belly full of coffee, I barely wake up in time for my stop. I see Kanda Myojin shrine, nothing visually exciting but noteworthy because itís dedicated to a samuraiís head that is said to have flown around Japan wreaking havoc. Most notable between a Confucian hall, arcade, and Ueno Park is a bench in the park. Itís a chilly location for anap, but Iím beat. Besides, itís not much worse than the capsule:)
        Somewhat recovered, I cruise through Senso-Ji Shrine, getting more than my fill of Tokyoís temples today. A few red bean pastries ranging from wasabi disgusting to sweet delicious later, Iíve recovered my pack and boarded the airport train.
        The flightís as surreal as always, in and out of sleep in time travel. But, it does the trick: I make it back to Austin and more importantly Amanda in one piece.

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