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A Nicaragua
Slowly, Surely Leaving Managua
San Juan del Shore
Late 20s 1950s
Bicycle Bicycle Flat Flat Flat
Ometepe Eventualmente
Hike Clonk
Enjoyable Failure
Bikes Before Bananas
I Need A Pullover
No Price
Relaxed / ing
White People Magnet
Below 0, Zs Above 8,000
A Different Going Home

Missed Stiff Legs
Well Spent / Wasted
Man's Best Entree
Overslept, Somewhat
Shower and Bed
Maybe Crazy
Someone Else Sleepy
The Steps of Huangshan
Hong Kong Finally
Caught Up With Me
First Christmas Away
Big Buddha
Net Not
Lamma Wham
Kowloon Loons
New Year
Shangri-La Ti Da
Buddha’s Big
Et Tu, America?
Expensive Exploring Hobby
Diving Part Deux
Back Hong Kong
Can You Hike Hong Kong?
Last Hong Kong Wander
Feeling The Special Japanese Strangeness
Biggest City and Friends
Sumo Sake Bender
Back To Reality

A Visa Hassle For Brazil I Can Handle
Rio, Eventually
Riding Without Trying
Relishing Random
Tiring and Harrowing
Fun, Not Enjoyable
Liking to Bike a Bit Too Much
Biking Between Somewheres
Stupid Alvin
Chickening / Tiring Out
NYC of the Tropics
Marginal Returns to Travel Down
An Unbelievable Chapter Done

Skate In Traffic
Los Angeles, I'm Yours
The Lost Day
Biting the Bullet, Taking the Flight
Fun, Scared, Cold
Chasing the Black-Footed Wallabies
Fair Dinkum
Flying Through Oz
Regal Sea Route
No Whales, Cool Trails
Seeing Sydney
Party With Rock Stars
Climbing Rocks Rocks
Kiwi Arrival
Lotta Bus, Buncha Bars
I Couldn't Skip in Kindergarten
Bungee, Highly
Cool As Ice
Rest, Brewery, Movie
An Appropriate 4th of July
All Black and Red All Over
One Long Day
Back to a Group
Run For the Border
Tattoo You
Big Drive, Smaller Swim
Half Dome Wholely Exhausting
A Go At Tahoe
Beer Valley
San Fran Wander
A San Franciscan Century
Bye-Bye West Coast
A Little Big Apple In Between
Low-Cost At What Cost?
The Saddest Job?
Sleep Late, Drink Early
Hungover Hangups

(Almost) Smashing My Cellphone
Paris Paralysis
To Cameroon Through Goons
Shirtlessness Backfires Yet Again
Cameroon Unification Day, Or Something Like That
Batibo Blow
Godlove Gone
A Perfect Geeky Circle
Why I Will Die Young
Cameroonian Mafia?
Airport Heaven, Baggage Hell
Cameroon Inverted
Dessert By the Desert
We Are Not Changing the World
George Lucas Is the Man
Can You Be Permanently Jet-Lagged?
Runs & Run-Arounds
A Wave of Politics
Early, Weird, Wonderful
No Bite, No Bite!
Risk-Reward Against Religious Extremists
Like Butterflies
How Flat From Here?
I Shouldn’t Read Self-Help Books

And That Was College
email to my conservative uncle in response to gloating about 4 more years
reasons not to vote for Bush

Assembly/Setup for Asian Subcontinent
Pack, Pack, and Pack Some More
Into India
Jet Lag Much?
Sic Me on Fatehpur Sikri
Taj Mahal
Car, Car, And Some More Car
(Un)Install at Last
Really a Road?
Temple Time
Work, But Will It Work?
And Another Install
And We Did Drive 3,000 Miles
Nothing Doing
Packing To Pakistan
It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night
Having Work, Wanting Sleep
Great Food, But Not For Long
And Back

Going to Ghana
What World?
Ghanaian Time
The T.W.
If It Computes
Drive Meeting Drive
Easy Install
Crocodiles and Computers
What Claim?
So Far to Safari
Cujo Can’t Drive
Long Long Drive
Most Kudos
Football Faux Pas
Start of the End
It’s Finished

Costa Ricaing
Welcome to the Jungle
Fortunate in Fortuna
A La Playa
Everybody's Surfing Now
Surf, Surf, Surf Your Kayak
Waves Riding Me
Making It to Manuel Antonio
Up the Rio Naranjo
Bond Till You Bust
No Problem
Shoot Willy
Home, Eventually

London Keeps Calling
You Can't Go "Home" Again
Roma la Bella
Telefon Weirtkart
More Adventure Than Deserved?
A Drive of A Different Color
Enough of Airports
Serenely Santorini
Island Hop
Byebye Paradise
Do Athenians Watch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" In English?
Ambling Around Athens
About Abroadness
Slow Rush
Lull in London
Berlin's Gist
Prague Log
Strange Religion
Powered Wandering
Wrapping Up
Lessons Learned

Viva Las Vegas
Can U-Haul?
L.A. Delay
Palm Ouchies
Beach, Beach, and Some More Beach
San Franization
Burnt Sienna Gates
Now What?
Too Long In One City
A Walk To A Gate

this London thing
Arrived Alive
Housing, we have Housing!
A Job (sorta)?!
Not Bad at All
Taking it easy
Definitely still on holiday
Unemployed No More
Easy Go
And Easy Come
Job Again
A Normal Workday:(
New Old City
Big Spending on Big Rocks
I’m Settled
Talk about Toilets
The Job
Intro to Extreme Tourism
Into the Skye
Luke in the Loch
United Kingdom (for now)
Exploring Edinburgh Castle
Sucky but Necessary
Subtly Educational
Footie, Fine Art, and Foul Wine
Wales of a Tale
Bozo the Genius
I Like To Ride My Bicycle
Some Strange Shakespeare
Bond St. Bacchanalia
To the Land of Ire
Dublin Invasion
Working = Surfing
Urban Extraterrestrial
The Best Show in Leicester Square
A Tower’s Worth of History
No Nothing
Nothin But…
A Strange Traveling Companion
Paris In a Day
Versailles on the Fly
Celebrating Canada
Meanwhile, Back At Iseman Central...
Another Adventurer
Independence Day Away
Marveling at Madrid
Turistas en Transita
At Last: The Cows
In My Birthday Suit
I'm A Happy Mess
Minor Minority Report Report
Something That's Better Here
Reality Check
Brighton Bedlam
Shouter's Pen
Traveling Smarter
Fast Food Nation
Foamy Hegemony
Tired and Bored
Around London
Camden Market
The Extinction Club
Last Party
Wrapping Up
Outta Here

written by others, but hosted here by request:

Mike Lisman live from London:
2nd Day: Stonehenge, London, and First Pub
Somewhat Settled, But Not Really
Almost A Job and Funny Old Guys
Swimming in the Loche, Nice Countryside, and Girls who Piss me Off
A New Job
Proud to be alive
Trip To Whales
A Weekend in London
An update
French Fun
July 2nd (Lisman Update)
4th of July Cruise
American Pride
July 18th - Buffet and Bubbles
July 21st - Unlucky in the Underworld

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