L.A. Delay

        Not much to write about today, as delays ate most of the daylight. After our original plan (hitching a ride with one of Kenny’s many relatives) was canceled due to lack of space in the car and our backup (taking the dirt-cheap “Chinese bus service”) didn’s work for lack of available tickets, we settled for a Greyhound. Our total unplannedness meant we arrived right as a bus left, so 2 hours were wiled away waiting for the next least-enjoyable-possible-way-of-getting-places mobile to arrive. The ride was a typically sensuous long bus experience. I awoke at one point to a lot of bounding and am fairly sure that the driver opted for a section of dirt road to skip some traffic. That was nothing compared to the in-transit entertainment, with I swear I’m not making up: a large lady missing a front tooth that everybody should have karaoked along with hits on her headphones. My favorite was the tract everyone wanted to scream “hell no!” in reply to: “Don’t You Want Me Baby?”
        As we should have expected, the Greyhound leaves us in one of L.A.’s sketchier areas. Kenny cousin #375 to the rescue, and we’re off to stay at another relative’s house. L.A.’s a little hotter and a lot more traveling between attractions than Vegas was; everything’s a half-hour car ride away. I’ll never get used to seeing billboards in different languages, although many here are solely in Spanish. A trip to a karaoke bar where I impressed all with my melodious singing sandwiched between 2 half-hour drives wrapped up a day all too full of travel travails.

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