Today's main attraction is a trip to Shenzen; this time, it's my focus and not a transitory inconvenience.
        Amanda and her mom wanted clothes. Cheap custom clothes, to be exact. Judging by their experience, they came to the right place: grand total is like 30 pieces for around $500 U.S., all from the same one of many tailors in the mega "mall" who'd come recommended by a neighbor of Amanda's mom. They'll pick up the pieces in a week, so the jury's out on exactly how great a deal it'll be. But even moderately decent custom clothes for under $20 a pop seems a steal, for those who care about that sort of thing. I'll be content with a few of the latest chemical-impregnated anti-odor endurance-marketed shtick I can find a year, myself.
        I kill my time by buying pirated DVDs. I can download anything here with a little effort myself, so I set my max price low: I won't pay more than than an average of 1, maybe 2 bucks tops, per DVD. I succeed, getting getting 6 movies for <$10 that I make them play before I buy. Hilarious is trying to buy An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore's badass movie about how we're all fucked for fucking the earth:) I'd downloaded a copy back home that ended up being some other movie; each of the 3 times I try to buy it here, it ends up being the same wrong movie. We share the same global piracy chain, I suppose...

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