Net Not

        Apparently Taiwan trembled last night: a 7.something quake, complete, with 2 aftershocks, hit in the ocean near that island. You could feel it in Hong Kong; although myself, Amanda, and her family all didn't feel enough to notice it, some saw their fish tank water move and a few ran into the streets.
        But, more interestingly, it snapped a bunch of fiber optic cables: Taiwan has a lot of data move through it between the U.S. and Asia. Things reroute, but that's causing such overload that U.S. webpages typically aren't loading at all here. And it's supposed to stay like this for 2-3 weeks! Interestingly, Gmail and other Google pages load if a bit slowly; I think this is because of their server centers ringing the world. Not necessarily that useful, when I can't get to actual copies of most pages returned in search results...
        Anyways, we're at Causeway Bay most of the day. Pageone Bookstore puts those in mainland China to shame in terms of English-language holdings, and Fantasy Vegetarian restaurant is unbelievable. Our day's a lot less strained than the remaining net connections, to put it mildly:)

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