Lamma Wham

        Amanda, Nic (Amanda's younger brother), and I bus, subway, and ferry to Lamma Island as today's main attraction. No llamas (that we see), but we do find a great trail between the 2 ports. There are caves dug by Japan for kamikaze boat launches, a herb garden run by former kitchen designers, all kinds of sea creatures in tanks ready for cooking in snacks, and, to Amanda's delight, the amazing Bookworm Cafe. Ever since a guidebook said "peace, love, and tofu" in its description, Amanda's been all about getting here.
        And with good reason: my veggie pizza's tasty and complete with fake ham. A few shelves of used books are as close as it gets to the bookworm part, but it's a worthwhile highlight to our island jaunt.
        Amanda's caught the fever I had a few days ago, so we're home early. Note to self: don't buy DVDs for <$2 without checking everything about them twice. Especially subtitles: "Volver" is the 2nd I bought that's useless to me because the captions are from a totally different movie. Doh!

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