New Year

        Today's main event is the new year, with this being my first outside the country. And it's a good one: a ridiculously tasty tuna along with really drinkable red wine at dinner on the Kowloon waterfront, with a front-row view of the neon-encrusted skyscrapers across the water. There aren't the fireworks we'd anticipated, but the skyscrapers at night are almost as nice. I miss mi familia, but overall a very very satisfactory start to what will be a great year.
        Oh yeah, 10 resolutions that come to mind:
        1. Keep Amanda happy and laughing every day
        2. Visit intensely at least 2 more countries
        3. Finish rehabbing first house and buy second
        4. Make revenue-generative progress towards starting my own business
        5. Spend at least 2 weeks with family members
        6. Stop sleeping so much
        7. Pay off all debt not from education or investment (real estate)
        8. Complete an olympic-length triathlon at middle of pack or better
        9. Invent and actually build something useful for me and others
        10. Publish journals and pictures online, formatted usably:)
        And, as always, be happy:)

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