My siblings had school cancelled because of snow today, but my weather was a little different: went to Santa Monica. Supposedly one of the dirtiest beaches here, I found it as clean if not tidier than any East Coast beach Iíve seen. Ultimate Frisbee retained its spot as possibly the best game ever invented as we dove on the sand w/ agile strangers. I plunged myself in to be the only one wet twice; it was chilly, but not Loch Ness cold. After the beach, we wandered to an area called the Promenade. Aside from overpriced junk, there was a bum with a psychic cat and some M.C. Hammer wannabes making a very uncoordinated white guy dance for a crowd. As I walked towards a bookstore, a slightly obese guy stopped me: ďexcuse me, are you being represented? I work for Transcontinental Talent, (some guyís name that I forget)ís company, that represents the Backstreet Boys, etc. Stop by our office tomorrow around 1. Be sure to bring this business card; my security guard wonít let you in without it.Ē I mumbled a confused ďuh, OKÖ thanksĒ before heading into the bookshop. Donít know if Iíll go; the card seems legit... My friends laughed at me, but I think Iíll go at least check it out. Am I a total sellout? Not yet, at least. Maybe I can take advantage of the system?
        What L.A.ís like = a Donut/Jewelry shop. What brings this up is one of my traveling companionís extended family: some relatives own jewelry shops and some have donut stores. I really think a Santa Monica Donewler would do well; itís just the kind of odd thing that could catch on. If bubble tea (=odd, chewy, marble-sized balls in really flavored tea) can spread to the East Coast, a donut and diamond shop can make it multinationally.
        Todayís wrapped up with ďAbout Schmidt,Ē which was Jack Nicholson in one of the saddest movies Iíve ever seen. Movie theaters are nothing different over here, with the exception of the good idea of a cell phone blocker (probably, or just coincidence that we all lose reception?). And Iím rambling, so itís definitely sleeptime.

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