Can You Hike Hong Kong?

        Yes, as I get a small but rewarding dose of today. I sleep in late and further dawdle by finding and feasting at one of my new favorite restaurants: East End Brewery. Itís got free peanuts, you can throw the shells on the floor, the foodís edible, and, most importantly, they brew their own beer. I hike maybe 3, 4 miles; this is a hundredth at most of what Hong Kong has to offer. Over 30% is preserves, and this includes the ~100-kilometer-plus Wilson Trail. The actual trails are very domesticated, paved with garbage cans frequently and plenty of other hikers, but itís a welcome respite in a huge city thatís a lot more satisfying than a jaunt through New York Cityís Central Park.
        And thatís about it for a relaxing day, other than a long-overdue haircut. Across a bit of a language gap, it got the job done: my hairís no longer hanging in my eyes. After a dinner in the neighborhood called Stanley, Iím far from expert at navigating Hong Kongís twists and turns but getting comfortable enough that I could definitely see someday calling Hong Kongís chaos home.

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