Last Hong Kong Wander

        Itís a solid, somewhat random, and appropriate last day wandering Hong Kong. I eat lunch at East End Brewery again, but at least itís a different location. Iíd yell at myself for not exploring more, but Iíve got a soft spot for microbreweries:)
        Odd is an excursion to the Hong Kong Convention Center to explore whether an idea is worth half baking. The Toys and Hobbies / Stationery Fiars are basically showcases of products from China of varying levels of shoddiness; about as casual as we can get with me in shorts and unshaven in over a month, Amanda, Nic, and I are as underdressed for this suit-and-tie shit as we can be without violating indecent exposure laws (random aside: with a ~$5,000 (~$750 U.S.) fine for spitting, Iíd imagine the penalties are pretty painful). Itís worth the HK$100 ($15) admission: we see oddball cheap stuff including a ~$20 remote control helicopter, ~$50 subminiature folding bike, and ~$40 shoddy imitation of an Ipod that might be worth trial ebay runs with to determine if we can make some dinero by reselling them.
        Last is a trip to the Temple St. Night Market. Some (probably fake) jade jewelry for my momma, random gifts for friends/family, 1 pickpocket tackled and cuffed by undercover cops, and a cool ~$12 UFO flying toy purchase later, and that about wraps it up. Amanda decides to skip on getting a fortune from the nearby tellers, one of whom a year ago told her that she and her (now former, then current) husband would both meet someone new: the old lady who sheíd seen then isnít around, and someone else quotes her a ridiculous HK$250 (~$35) for basic seer service and more for details. Besides, we make our own luck and fortune:)

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