Too Long In One City

        We sleep in too late today, not even getting into the city until the p.m. Random wandering yields a visit to Macworld, the place to be for enthusiasts of Macintosh computers. I donít quite and my cotravelers definitely donít fit into this category, so I explore for an hour or 2 while they get lunch. Most amazing was a USB fan: a little, tiny personal fan powered by plugging into your computer. So useless itís sellable?
        Shooting pool wiles away another hour and then we see ďThe Hours,Ē which holds the distinction of being one of few movies I wish Iíd slept through more of. Reading in Borders spends more time in a totally-not-unique-to-San-Francisco kind of way.
        The last bus back to San Mateo was at midnight; Marvin takes it, while the other 3 of us remain in San Fran. Itís 4 a.m. and I just parted with the other 2, who are heading to the train station for the 5 a.m. back to the apartment. Iím going to try and make up for a largely wasted day by walking basically across Frisco (from the Safeway by 14th and Market, to be exact) to the Golden Gate Bridge, where Iíll admire the sunrise as a goodbye to the West Coast. No sleep (yay!), but Iíll buy a poncho for the on-and-off drizzle, start walking, and arbitrarily end the entry for today.

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