Relaxed / ing

        Relaxed and relaxing are good themes for today, with a whole lot of not much going on. That's a good thing:)
        Alan the caretaker is much more pleasant at breakfast and with an explanation of our (mis)adventures. The 2 tagalongs take off for cheaper abodes while Amanda and I upgrade to a bigger, more interestingly sculpted cabaņa. Relatively expensive at $35 a night, it's more a work of art that you happen to sleep in than a hotel room. The only light's from a few candles, and the floor is concrete mixed with sand (1:3 ratio, as I learn from Alan while telling him about my research on papercrete). Ditto for the walls to ~3 feet, and then it's unfinished wood, a thatched roof, and some decorative paintings. Turns out much cooler than I'm making it sound. Oh yeah: it's built to incorporate several large and still growing coconut trees!
        The day's wiled away, my first and only call home (and only maybe 3 email checks, which is less in 2 weeks than in a typical day back home, woohoo!) for a lamely day-late happy mother's day to my momma, some tasty pizza, boring diving videos to help us work towards our full scuba certification, tasty slightly sweet pan de coco (coconut bread) from a house across from a chained monkey who hangs from my hand when I give him a mango from the ground 3 feet away, and a really early bedtime. There's a lot to like about life on a tiny tropical island, and I'm tempted to give a longer-term run at it a try:)

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