Wrapped up Rome relaxed: a few major sights combined with wandering the city kill the day til our twilight flight. Most interesting was the castle converted partially into homes next to a pyramid capped by an antenna: urbanization and some of the most historic sights in the world strike a strange compromise.
        Weird but good about traveling is the disconnect between you and your physical space it creates. Time doesn't matter: it's 8:00 pm back home but I'm at 2 am. You sleep where/whenever the mood strikes you, with subways, airports, and dodgy hostel rooms being my preferences. The class and length of my flight from Rome to London were unimportant; I hardly noticed the hour-plus delay because I had 3 seats over which to spread out for a nap / start of tonight's sleep / my body's confused whatever. Now it's bedtime on the floor of London's Stansted Airport until our flight to Austria early tomorrow, meaning cold tile for four hours but saving the price and hassle of a hostel. Good night / day / evening / time at which I'll sleep.

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