A Job (sorta)?!

        Another day, another weird attempt at finding a way through which, someday months from now, I might make a dollar. Played phone tag with some guy from a moving company about a job as, appropriately enough, a mover (ďporterĒ here), but we never actually ended up getting a hold of each other. The cybercafe for today seemed to go well, though: ownerís considering implementing a huge wireless network, so heís interested in possibly hiring me as part coffee bitch, part emerging wireless technology researcher. You know, a typical kind of job combinationÖ
        I think I got a job today. Visited a groovy little temp agency in soho, which is this touristy / faux artsy district of town, that specializes in ďoutsourcing to media companies.Ē Sounds impressive, huh? Thatís what I though too, but for me it looks like Iíll be a Powerpoint guy. The friendly interviewer pointed out that I should include a list of what parts of MS Office Iím familiar with instead of simply saying ďexpert user with all components of MS Office Suite.Ē Typing speedís a must have, too: apparently lots of people over here canít type very well. Strange work situation Iím in: my typing speed is more noteworthy than my coursework?
        The living situation is looking up: Iím in a really neat neighborhood. On my way home tonight, I walked past this cool, bohemian market area: tons of food, clothes, and music at Iím-selling-this-cheap-because-I-just-stole-it-and-itís-counterfeit prices. Thereís also a skate ramp area 2 blocks from my house; roller blades instead of a bike?
        Most importantly, Iím seeing Star Wars later tonight. Yeah, Star Wars is more important than getting a job. Hopefully, itíll be good enough to make up for me having to actually dust my own room today. Yes, it was traumatic, but I had to choose between sneezing constantly and cleaning. It was close, but I was sneezing a lot. So, I bit the bullet and brushed the dust:)

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