Today was one of those elastic kind of times: down, up, down, up…
        Started off with a down, as I slept in until noon after seeing the excellent new Star Wars. Unsure whether to see it? Let me give you a 2-word spoiler: Yoda fights. Need I say more? Anyways, after sleeping through morning, I proceeded to find a cheap, nice bike shop, which was at least a partial rebound. Unfortunately, the net café I then interviewed at didn’t exactly appreciate that I was 20 minutes late for the interview. Yeah, the Underground was running late, but I still should have been there closer to on time. I was up when the owner started showing me how to run the café, but back down when I found out I’d make little more than minimum wage.
        Down, up, down. Fairly angry at my idealistic approach to wage rates and ease of finding employment, I grumbled and swore at London. However, this mumbling stopped when I got to play at a net café: internet, yummm. Updating webpage and writing cv (European resume) make Luke forget about setbacks. At least, until I leave the café several hours later: 7:00 and I haven’t really accomplished anything. More grrrs ensue as I wander home, stopping at the cheery grocery store: Sainsbury’s. Consumerism does the heart good, as did making it home without getting lost.
        Met some more of my flatmates and headed to a pub with some other Americans who live on my street. While pubbing, we befriended some really cool British guys: one works as a social worker in the most dangerous part of London, so he wears a bulletproof vest to work every day! Had a long discussion about politics, differences between the U.S. and Britain, and a variety of other blab-for-hours kinds of topics. Finished the night with some Indian food, so all’s well that ends curry. Bouncy, but better than before.

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