Enough of Airports

        Today's summarized in one word: airports. I slept in London Stansted at 5 this morning, was stuck there because of a delayed flight for most of the day, and will sleep in Athens International tonight. Flying's lost all its allure; I guess that's what happens when you've taken 6 flights in the last 10 days!
        No news on the bill for the rental car, and I'm thinking about just not trying to find out any more until we get the bill.
        Gotta love it at Athens International: Stansted had armrests between seats, which prevent weary travelers from somewhat comfortable sleeping places. People still sleep there, just sitting up or on the floor instead.
        My confused body needs sleep, so I'll call a row of oh so slightly padded seats under even more slightly dimmed lights my bed now. Definitely makes you appreciate a good old mattress!

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