And Easy Come

        So, it was back to the job listings today, again, for a week and a half in a row now. If you’ve been actively looking for a job for 2 weeks or more with no luck, you’re officially considered unemployed. Does it count as a job if I didn’t get paid for it?
        Started out with a great interview for a tolerable job: considerably more hourly than the sleazy one I just quit. I so had the job that the interviewer asked me if I could start Monday! Then, right after my enthusiastic “yeah, no problem,” he asked the question that broke the job: “you’ll be here through October, right?”
        And that’s where I probably should have told a little fib. I would have had a great-paying job in a good location, resulting in tons of money to travel… but I didn’t. For some stupid reason, I told him the truth: “no, I’ll only be here until August.” With that, I went from having the job to “sorry, it takes too long to train you and blahblahblah.” I tried arguing, but to no avail. Back to the job listings…
        At that point, I was getting more than a little desperate: hmm, laborers needed? Sounds good… but apparently laborers aren’t in that short of supply: nobody seemed very interested. Applied as a cycle courier, which would be fun if nothing else: why would I care about how much I make if I just get to ride my bike around the city all day?
        Then, for some strange reason, I got 3 calls about jobs within half an hour of each other. I turned down manual labor at just above minimum wage, scheduled an interview to be a waiter, and took a decent office job. It definitely could be better, though: the job I took entails a weekend or 2 monthly. It’s with a really small online study guide place, so it should be somewhat interesting if nothing else. I start Monday, meaning I missed being unofficially unemployed by 1 day!

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