Never has a place moved me to action while also convincing me to wile away the hours like Ios has. It's the same effect as the last weeks of school before summer: the yearning to study just a few more hours because you know you can boost that grade juxtaposes the desire to spend your last few weeks with friends who will soon spread far and wide.
        Today's evidence of the power of this paradox. The original plan to return to Athens on the night boat was scratched upon meeting up with crazy Canadian friends we'd made on Santorini. I spend all day swimming to and exploring a rocky part of the coast while appreciating the fact that I'm in paradise. I was motivated by my love of this place to consider possible businesses that I could start to get me back here next summer (web design, wireless networking, decent hotel search engine, branded internet cafe), but wine and sunset limit my intent to vague big plans.
        Odd was seeing someone on the beach reading one of the books I finished on this trip ("Reefer Madness" by Eric Schlosser) after a guy on a bus in London was enjoying another I'd just finished during flights ("Stupid White Men" by Michael Moore). One more ("Choke" by the guy that wrote "Fight Club:" Chuck something) and I'll be 3 for 3... I guess traveling minds read alike:)
        Tom and I turn a bamboo stick I'd found into swords for a bout, followed by daggers when they break from us caning each other. No matter how idiotic I look, the feeling's straight-up island ninja.
        Dinner with the Canadians is memorable for discussions about the military and religion. Short summary: I argued against both institutions with 2 Canadians on my side about worship and 1 jumping boat, literally intending to join our northern neighbor's equivalent of ROTC, on organizations whose main purpose is to brainwash one into blindly following often deadly and unreasonable orders.
        Rest of the evening = drunken debauchery, as we return to America musically (yes, they actually played "Sweet Home Alabama") and throw in some eastern European influence alcoholically (Red Bull + Vodka --> Luke's an energetic drunk) before paying homage to Ios with the local dance that a worker at Far Our Camping described as "a wind and alcohol assisted stumble" down the hill and into our tents.

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