Job Again

        You thought quitting a job after 6 hours was bad? I just quit a job before starting it. Was supposed to start Monday, but I had an interview for a better job this morning. I woke up with such a pounding headache that I almost didnít go, but biked across town to mumble through an interview anyways. In spite of my hungoverness, I got the job. Now, Iíll be doing admin for the business division of a university here. No work on weekends, cool people, good pay, and no lying about from what company Iím from. The employment issue is now definitively settled.
        On my way to the theater, I biked past a crowd of people and several cops surrounding a nice, chauffeured car stopped in front of the Wyndham theater, where Madonnaís in some play. I saw some well-dressed, skinny guy and perfectly tanned, overly bleached, probably silicone-enhanced lady get out, so I asked a copy who it was. Leaning in close, he whispered ďthatís Donatello Versace.Ē I called up my roommate who paparazzis to earn extra money; maybe he can get some shots of them on their way out.
        When I got past the star-studded crowd, I saw an interpretation of Shakespeare that was nearly as funny as the Simpsons, and thatís definitely not a compliment I use lightly. The Reduced Shakespeare Company hilariously covered all of his plays in 90 minutes, with damsels on their deathbeds pretending to puke into the audience and ďTitus AndronicusĒ transformed into a cooking show. Then, the really cool show was on my way home: a bunch of black guys were playing African drums while some white guy who had to be at least 60 did a jerky interpretive dance to the beat. As I left, several other people were joining in.
        A lucky day: started by getting a job and ended laughing. What more do I need?

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