A Normal Workday:(

        I worked all day at my job without quitting, without tricking poor old secretaries, without a single remotely shady thing occurring. Yeah, it was heavy on mundane procedural details, but the people I知 working with are great and it値l finance travels. Speaking of which, I only have 11 more weekends, including this one, before I go home! I知 slacking: in London 2 weeks today and I have yet to travel. If I知 going to get everywhere I want to, I need to make a trip every weekend that I have left.
        So, hopefully, I値l start it off tomorrow with a trip to Oxford, connecting somehow to Sunday at Stonehenge. Not quite sure how to connect the 2, but I値l figure it out. Also not sure if my friend who痴 arriving tomorrow is going to be too jetlagged for either of these trips to happen but then again, we have a lot of trips to pack into a little time. I need to stop being on holiday from holidays!

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