Ambling Around Athens

        The day started with a long walk to the Monistraki Flea Market, which is a 10-block area with a mix of actual and ad-hoc stores. Marked prices are mostly just jokes: on average, actual prices are 20-50% off. You basically debate with the shopkeeper, an interaction made interesting by the fact that surrounding shops hawk basically the same thing but we have no way of knowing what actual selling prices should be. We negotiated deals that were steals compared to the sticker prices, but I’m sure the shopkeepers ended up with very healthy profit margins on our transactions.
        Wandering around the Acropolis, I was too tired of touristing to really try and match specific temple names with half-collapsed sets of columns. At any rate, we saw most of the main Athens attractions today. Things I suppose one must see if here for any length of time, they’re not doing anything too extraordinary for this travelled-out tourist.

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