Iím Settled

        Iím used to it: officially comfortable with London. I still get lost, have close calls with large buses, and stand out like a sore thumb anytime I talk, but my attitudeís different. Itís not gaping at Big Ben but rather glancing with appreciation at one cool sight a few minutesí ride from my house. Iím even used to the drug dealers in my neighborhood: a few days ago, one offered me weed so I asked him why the lampposts are coated with a coarse, bumpy paint. I got a slightly puzzled look and an ďI donít know, man,Ē but he stopped trying to sell me hash after that. I feel well-adapted to life here, and I like it. No place will ever be home unless my family and friends are there, but Londonís pretty damn enjoyable!
        Last night, my newly arrived cotraveler expressed disdain at the idea of going to pubs every night. I agreed, but then I thought about it some more. To be honest, I donít have a problem going to a bar a majority of the nights in any given week this summer. I wonít get drunk, but I will meet new people and have interesting conversations. Until I find a better place to get in great discussions with unique people, Iíll wile away many an otherwise boring night at one of Londonís many bars.
        Bikingís by far my favorite way to get around London. Itís as fast as taking the subway, more exhilarating than a morning cup of coffee, a great workout, and I felt really hardcore when I passed a Ferrari. I enjoy the old red bike so much now I even improvised a lock for it: my suitcase strap combines with a luggage lock to provide the ultimate in DIY fabric-based bike protection. Yeah, there are safer ways to get around London and yeah, it isnít very feasible to bike across the city during any of the many bouts of rain, but bikingís still how to move in London.
        Jobís good, and I might get another: sushi delivery guy on a motorcycle. I donít care how much I make doing something that fun; itíd be more than I deserve for how great of a time Iíd be having! London pedestrians, watch out for the flying squidman!

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