Lull in London

        The first thing I saw upon waking up was the barrel of a gun; it was a semiautomatic rifle, to be exact. Fortunately, it was wielded by a police officer who couldnít have been more polite, aside from the while waking me up and having his gun a little too near to my face. After I explained that my flight had arrived in the wee hours of the morning and started to get out of my sleeping bag, he found an actual homeless person to harass instead. I was tempted to attempt going back to sleep, but it was already 10 in the morning and I didnít want to risk blowing the opportunity to sleep at Gatwick airport in the future by pissing off the law enforcers. I woke Riad up and we headed for the city.
        The bank accountís below low, so we have a peanut butter and bread banquet. Iíve definitely ate more peanut butter in the past month that most people do in a year, and to say Iím sick of it is an understatement. Definitely preferable to entirely running out of money, thoughÖ
        The dayís spent on transit things, between airports and internet cafe and hunt for a hostel. The place to stay thing was more complicated than anticipated: some 400,000 extra Germans are in Berlin for a grooving Protestant-Catholic thing, making reasonably priced rooms rare. Third try yields a roof over our heads, so itís ďgut nacht.Ē

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