We Are Not Changing the World

        Were not suddenly bringing some divine light of technology to the disconnected masses. Today, were adding 7 computers to a school thats already got 30+. Nonetheless, were treated as honored guests. Some local even writes a song about the dude who set this up. Id say more about it, but I have no idea what it or anything else said during the 2-hour Hindi ceremony meant. I realize that if this were a Christian ceremony, or any other religion familiar to me, I would have walked out long ago. My sleeping skills are nowhere to be found: Im alert throughout. The lab takes a few hours to finalize; the cultural bullshit is planned for days. Late afternoon, we make a break for it with (feigned) concern that well need to attend a visa interview at the Pakistan consulate. Id write more, but narcolepsy returns and Im out for the 6+-hour drive back, preserving my random sleep jetlag to inconvenience another day.

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