Nothing Doing

        Today was a whole lot of nothing and, for a change, I didn’t mind. We wiled away the day with shopping (Amna has a serious addiction), a trip to the airport to finally pick up a lost bag, and 2 movies.
        The highlight was definitely Frisbee at the airport. Anahita and I play for most of the hour (!) it takes Amna and Sameer to claim her bag, but others join in: drivers who were hanging out in the parking lot ended up being pretty good. When I sweat here, I pour: I’ve soaked through most of my shirt before we’re done.
        2 movies, neither comprehensible. Who would think they’d dub “The Day After Tomorrow” into Hindi this quickly? Definitely didn’t look like I was missing any excellent dialogue; at least I didn’t miss the words to a good movie. And some wacky Bollywood movie called “Hum Tum” proves that I have a very special gift / problem: although I wasn’t the least bit tired going in, I manage to pass out for at least 90% of the movie. Back to Anahita’s house brings the conclusion to a day that’s a comfortable lull.

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