San Juan del Shore

        Today, we are away and in transit to nowhere; I guess you could call it our first true day of vacation. San Juan del Surīs Nicaraguaīs primo tourist spot for good reasons, in spite of the condos and real estate offices. Thereīs the sea (Pacific), mountains, bordering forest, and also what one might call the bare-bones infrastructure of luxurious leisure: coffee shop or 2, several bars, and some restaurants. No, Iīm not suddenly soft and calling these necessities. Think more "nice-to-haves" when the goal for the day is more catch up on reading and less traipse through a jungle:)
        So, the traipsing is minimal. But good preparation: I learn how to use my GPS more effectively and find what I think will be the road we ride to Rivas, our next destination. Sans rack for baggage, I envision forging a replacement tomorrow, visions of an Iron Man in captivity - esque workshop dancing in my head...

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