Hike Clonk

        I don't know whether it was the pizza or the alcohol, but I suspect the former is what kept me up and on the toilet a good portion of last night. Either way, the result's the same: I'm feeling none too rosy come morning.
        Brilliantly, I opt for a hike up a volcano. Or at least an attempt: a very late start (~2), Amanda starting to feel like crap, me not taking her advice to bring 3 liters water instead of 1.5, and the scariest-sounding monkeys I've encountered combine to cut our hike short: we turn back without summiting or making the timber line on Volcan Concepcion.
        But we do make it back, which almost surprises me given the shittiness my dehydration has me feeling. I quickly drink 1.5 liters and an orange soda served with a straw from a plastic bag and put my head down on the cement for half an hour as soon as we get to a food stand on the main road.
        I'm more or less asleep for an ~2-hour taxi to Madera, made longer by our first hotel choice not having food beyond bread and milk available. Weird is me hitting my foot against a car heading the other way; I guess I had it just enough out the window to hit hard enough to wake me up but not damage anything.
        The wait is definitely worth it: we chow down on tasty food and veggies, drink several liters of water, admire the hand-carved animals on our room's door, and fall asleep largely recovered from an intense, albeit unsuccessful, summit attempt.

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