Itís Been A Hard Dayís Night

        Today entails a larger-than-usual headache in finagling computers for our install. A computer shop with refurbished Dells is the source for the CPUs; although we sent in our specs weeks ago and stopped by to confirm everything yesterday, it still ends up being a multi-hour affair entailing following the employees around to figure out where the supply room is, having Sameer bullshit with several of the employees to keep them away from me as I test components, and recombining parts from an assortment of half-functional machines to cobble together a working ten. Thereís some area near Amnaís house called Hafeez Market or something thatís dozens of hole-in-the-wall shops featuring lots of cell phones and a little bit of computer stuff. One of Amnaís friends coordinates with her buddy who runs a shop to have him get us parts; after a few hours of him bringing an odd assortment of decade-old, half-broken relics, we get what we need. Travesty of all travesties for many onlookers is me carrying 2 monitors at once: I donít think people here are used to white guys buying stuff without having brown people doing any resultant heavy lifting.
        Coolest purchase ever: a sword for 20 bucks. Possibly more effective than the sawed-off shotguns some store guards here wield: would you rather screw with some guy with a gun, or somebody looking really self-confident and wielding a big-ass blade? Weíre giving it to Amna for her birthday as self-defense against any unwanted suitors. I want to casually wield it throughout the computer market, but this ideaís wisely vetoed by all that hear it.
        This isnít news to many reading this, but Iím a bit oblivious to surroundings sometimes. Case in point is when weíre in Hafeez Market and I ask Amna which way to go. She replies that sheís not sure, as she rarely comes here: ďitís not really a place for girls. Do you see any other girls here?Ē And sheís right: aside from the 3 females there with Sameer and I, itís all XYs. As always, guys without girls play with geeky computer toys:)
        After the equipment acquisition exposition, a tasty break occurs in Food Street. Aptly named, itís an area closed to cars featuring many restaurants. My favorite feature is that each placeís menu is all-encompassing: if I order fish from the kebab place, the waiter sends someone to get it from the shop down the street known for having good fish. I stuff myself with a variety of foods I canít name, but I especially gorge on the familiarity of ribs.
        Back to Amnaís and some serious work. Iíve changed my flight from Sunday to Friday, so I want to get as much prep for the 2 remaining lab installs done ahead of time as possible. This intention translates into a ďFuturamaĒ marathon as I set shit up, lasting until around 6 in the morning. Iíll be dead tired tomorrow, but everything should go smoothly (as usual, keyword is should).

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