I Like To Ride My Bicycle

        Some of South Bank Universityís professors went on strike today, making work even easier than usual. I invigilated (watched for cheaters during) an exam, during which I fell asleep. This would only be somewhat bad if my boss hadnít happened to be sitting right next to me. Whatever: he didnít seem too concerned, so Iím not either. Other difficulties of the work day included trying to look busy and searching for cheap flights for me to take. I may have a Dilbert job, but at least I donít spend much time actually doing workÖ
        Apparently I can cook curry: with only a slight quality loss and not too huge of a mess, I managed to make a dish that was vaguely Indian and edible enough for me to gorge myself upon. Still donít now about this whole cooking business: so time-consuming to save a few pounds, and Iím not exactly ready for ďIron Chef.Ē
        Biking is the ultimate form of transportation. Even in rain, bikes are faster than subways; ask Mike, whoís sleeping on the floor tonight because he bet bed that his train would beat my bike. Itís a lot of fun, too: weaving in and out between cars, getting yelled at by irate motorists, squeezing past buses: to say the least, an interesting way to commute.

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