Working = Surfing

        Every day, my job seems more and more like ďOffice Space.Ē At first, it was just superficial similarities, like my stapler having a place to put a nametag to prevent the overzealous office borrowing that led to the company being burnt down. Today was far more severe: I found myself actually reflecting on its worker philosophy. Like the movieís star said, thereís just no motivation to work more than the bare minimum. If I find some innovative way to shuffle papers 10 times faster, my reward is nothing more than even longer spans of pointless surfing the internet. Iíll still be making the same raise, regardless of whether Iím worth a tenth or ten times as much to the company. In case you canít tell, Iím not exactly motivated to excel at this jobÖ
        But I got home to make a sweet discovery. No, my landlord didnít stop sniffing paint (actually, he might have cut down: asked for the rent today), but I did find a beautiful deck. By taking the chair from my room out the window onto my roof, I have a spartan but effective sundeck. I overlook our slightly rundown but sun-facing street, and the roof seems sturdy enough that I just may be able to chill there all summer without collapsing it. Perfect place to sit in the sun after my (not quite) strenuous days at work... who says my flatís not luxurious? And to think: I had originally used this same roof as a garbage can, throwing the dustier things that had been in my room onto it. Oneís man garbage can is another manís (or the same manís after a little shitty-house-inspired creativity) private patio.

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