Flying Through Oz

        It's a transition in the land of Oz; instead of ruby red slippers, I've got Virgin Blue airplanes. I thought Song was no-frills, but at least they gave away soda. Richard Branson's airline isn't letting so much as a coffee be given away between Alice Springs and Adelaide or Adelaide and Melbourne, but you can buy his autobiography, "Losing My Virginity," right on the plane. Less ego and more free caffeine would be nice, but the tickets are too cheap to complain too much.
        Most of the day's wasted flying and laying over in Adelaide. Finally at a Melbourne hostel around 8:00, I try calling the 2 postings on the notice boards by peo0le looking to share rides along the Great Ocean Road. No answer for either, so I make a poster asking people to meet me at the in-hostel Roo Bar's karaoke happy hour if they'd

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