Dumb luck is one thing, but Iíve got a huge streak of it. Itís impressive enough that Iíve never been robbed, but Iím stunned that I actually lost something valuable and got it back. Being a meathead, I left my Visor handheld computer under a pile of newspapers on a train while coming back to London from Salisbury. I was pissed for awhile and made a mental not to try and track it down, but never got around to it. Finally, about a month after having lost the computer, I got around to calling the lost property department at the train station. A few minutesí conversation later, theyíd located my handheld and issued a reference number for me to pick it up. Three pounds and a short bike ride after work (even more dumb luck: train stationís lost property office was at a station closer to my work than the station where Iíd lost the Visor) and I had my Visor back. In other fortunates, I had nearly the entire workday to surf the internet. On top of that, ended up finding a free comedy night that, unbelievable as this may sound, contained British humor that was actually funny! Yep, I have more than dumb luck: ludicrously lucky Luke in London:)

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