Aliens crash their spaceship in the woods of Maine. Central characters of monikers including Jonesey, Duddits, and Mr. Gray. Telepathy, and strange stomach bugs officially called byrums but nicknamed shit-weasels. A b-movie? Not yet, but donít rule out the future possibility. Itís my excuse why journal entries have been terse lately, more commonly known as Stephen Kingís ďDreamcatcher.Ē The plotís ridiculous at cursory glance, but King manages to make the typical sci-fi movie into something I didnít want to put down.
        So, my big event for today is finishing ďDreamcatcher.Ē I know this doesnít sound as exotic as touring another stuffy old castle, but itís still a pretty decent adventure. Itís pitiful that this is only the second book Iíve read this summer, but Iíve got awhile yet, time to take more escapes from an escape. Londonís nice, but sometimes you need a little bit of parasitic telepathic aliens thrown into your daily mix.

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