A Strange Traveling Companion

        Highlight of today was laughing at my flatmate Mike. For those that don’t know him, Mike is a pretty smart guy. However, he’s got his head slightly in the clouds, a bit of an absent-minded professor. Getting A’s while studying engineering is no problem, but he has difficulty grocery shopping: he zones out, contemplating the speed of light in the frozen foods aisle. All in all, he’s an interesting guy with a tendency to work a little too hard.
        Mike’s particularly interesting, however, when he does relax. It’s Thursday night and, thanks in equal parts to the fact that we’re leaving for Paris tomorrow, 2 drinks, and a low tolerance, Mike’s relaxing. We wander around with a talkative guy from Oklahoma, eventually ending up at a McDonald’s. It’s right before closing time, so we’re the only customers.
        “Where are you from, Li?” the Oklahoman asks as we order.
        “Oh, really? Which part?”
        “You wouldn’t know it.”
        “Well, I have a friend from Beijing…” the Oklahoman pushes chattiness a little too far sometimes.
        Mike butts in: “Do you have any leftover food? We’re really hungry.”
        Li ignores her drunken customer, getting our orders. Mike is not too satisfied with this: “Come on, Li!”
        She’s still not responding, so Mike lets out a loud, desperate plea for camaraderie: “I LOVE CHINA!”
        Yeah, a little outta control. It’s all good though: we somehow ended up getting a good 7 apple pies for free. Be happy with the PRC, get tasty snack gratis?

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