Sucky but Necessary

        Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping: these are some of my least favorite things, tasks that make me really want my mommy. Living on my own is nice, but I really miss having somebody to do that stuff for me. The more I think about it, the more I’d rather work longer hours to be able to afford a maid / eating out / not doing things that suck in general. Maybe someday over the rainbow, if I don’t just become a dharma bum…
        In other news, I turned down one job and got another today. I had applied to a sushi place as a night, weekday delivery guy because they had a really cool moped-like vehicle. I was supposed to go in and see if I liked the job for a few hours tonight, but this morning I heard about another job: Google researcher. People submit questions and how much they’re willing to pay for an answer; if I answer one, I receive 75% of what they pay to Google. Basically, I’ll get paid to surf the internet; yes, it is a dream job. Speaking of jobs, the U.K. is a great country. I had off from work the last 2 days because they’re bank holidays: celebrating the queen’s golden jubilee, so nothing’s open. Little did I know then, but I actually got paid for them! I was exploring Scotland and getting paid like I was sitting in an office. Cool, huh? Even better, I get a pro-rated 20 days of paid holiday yearly. True, that only ends up being 2 days for me because I’m here so short, but it’s still a very cool concept: no work and full pay. I’ve slacked off hardcore on jobs before, but days for doing so outside of the office and getting paid like I’m creating a paper storm is a new concept for me.
        It wasn’t a crazy, adventurous day, but I got a lot of mundane, necessary things done. Having to do a few hours of crap every several weeks but getting to live halfway around the world from my home solidly outweighs a little more free time in a boring town. If only I could hire a personal assistant or 2 I’d be set:)

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