Lessons Learned

        And then weíre home. In and out of consciousness for a flight with layover in Canada got me to Newark, from where we only were a few semi-lost hours away from home. I know Iíll take this back in a week or 2 at most, but it feels good to be back.
        Main things I learned this trip, in random order:
-Itís really bad to put unleaded fuel in a diesel engine
-Go to Prague for good, cheap bear and to watch others drink good, cheap beer
-To find trails in Kitzbuhel, ďyou just goĒ
-Renting 4 different cars can get more than a little expensive
-Just because youíre in Berlin doesnít mean you canís surf (unless youíre me)
-4 liters of beer is a little much
-Thereís something to be said for dropping out of the rat rate and in to a Greek island
-ďMotosĒ are a lot scarier to ride than they look
-Itís not comfortable to try and live in a Smart Car
-7 days is a bit long to go without a shower
-After 3 days unwashed, your hair starts to look like itís gelled
-Going to an airport doesnít mean youíre at the airport with your flight
-Itís nice to sleep in a bed every week in a while
-Thereís such a thing as too much peanut butter
-No matter how famous the sight, I can fall asleep at it
        Until next time, Iím traveled and peace out.

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