Minor Minority Report Report

        Back to work in dreary old London, blah. I want to be back in Spain... as a break today, we saw "Minority Report." "A. I." and now this: Speilberg's getting pretty strange, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Without spoiling the plot, I'll just say that it's an effective way to warn about what can happen with the misapplication of science: have Tom Cruise fight his way through delivery of your serious message and you make millions while getting your point across. Definitely not a feel-good "E.T." but nowhere near as hardcore as "Full Metal Jacket," "Minority Report" made serious questions about technology's advancement easy enough to swallow that Joe Average just might wonder about answers to them. And the hologram computers were kickass, too:) On the downside, there was so much advertising that it seriously detracted from the movie. Every few seconds, Cruise would drive by an Aquafina sign or the camera would zoom in on the Bulgari logo emblazoned on his watch... Maybe it's part of the message, that ads will become incredibly ubiquitous, that people will be (are?) most valued for their ability to consume? Cruise buys clothes at the Gap when he wants to blend someone in with the crowd; isn't that an antitisement, saying shop at the Gap to be unnoticeable, unexceptional, entirely average? I don't know, just some random thoughts... maybe I lost my brain in Spain?

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