Something That's Better Here

        Highlight of today was nothing new or exotic: just hung out in bars all night. We didn't get sloppily drunk, didn't do anything crazy, just chilled and enjoyed our autonomy. I think a big part of why people get insanely intoxicated to the point or E. R. visits at college is that America's stupidly strict about alcohol control. Really, if we truly wanted to combat alcohol abuse, the best thing would be to allow people to drink before the typical age for leaving home. It's pretty crazy that you can enlist in the army before you can buy a beer: you can die for your country before being allowed in a bar. Telling people they can go live on their own at 18 but can't touch a drop of alcohol is dangerously ludicrous.

        There's an advantage to living in a gross apartment: you can abuse it. We did just that to our shit flat tonight, using a wall of our common room as a dartboard and knives as darts. Definitely a little harder than movies make it look: stupid knives just bounce off most of the time. No, this had nothing to do with being intoxicated: we've punched holes in the wall plenty of times and started our game before going to the bar. I'd feel bad about doing this if the place wasn't so crappy and the landlord such an ass...

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