Waves Riding Me

        Not much up today, as most of the daylightís dominated by a late start and a long drive from Tamarindo to Jaco. Interesting enough for me to wake up is a crocodile-filled river halfway through the trip with a good 8 big ones in view on the muddy water and comfortably far below our bridge. They donít really do much, mainly just lazing around looking like the remnants of the prehistoric era that they are. Our bridge creaks loudly as a truck passes over; we leave soon thereafter.
        Any shred of surfing ability I thought I had in the calm waters of Tamarindo is negated as soon as I attempt Jaco. Huge waves kick my ass even after I exchange my cockily rented short surfboard for a longer, supposedly easier to ride one. Wave after wave rivals me in height and tosses me about, no matter if I try to duck below, jump above, or plow through them. After a few hours of this, Iím wrapping up the day with a few free gin and tonics as I slowly lose at video poker, taking up the bedtime and pastime of the elderly tonight.

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