San Fran Wander

        Not much to write because not much done today. We switch to over the bridge, stuffing 6 people into a room of the Travelodge at Valencia. For ~50 per night and with an outside door so we won't get charged for the 4 extra people, the only way to stay in Frisco cheaper may be to get arrested. If I get too tired of the room, that's always an option...
        Unfortunately, I won't be swimming to Alcatraz. Part of our extended touristy walking brings us to some "explore the bay" kiosk, aquarium workers with starfish in a touristy section of the embarcadero. I find out from one of them (the workers, not the starfish) good and bad news. Cool: there aren't dangerous sharks in the bay. Doh: the water's only 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Bad timing: there's an organized "escape from Alcatraz" swim later this summer. And the dealbreaker: that island that looks maybe a quarter mile away is actually a full mile from shore. Oh well: add another thing to the long list of activities to do when I have lots of spare time and money.
        The night's a nice dose of dumb, enjoyable pop culture: "Fantastic Four" doesn't do and doesn't try to achieve much more than cool special effects and a fun, shallow superhero adventure. It's like alcohol: yeah, it might make me a little dumber and waste some time / money, but it's enjoyable while the moment lasts:)

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