Up the Rio Naranjo

        Today's main event is whitewater rafting, a half-day trip with Class III and IV rapids on the Rio Naranjo. Itís fun, but not nearly as death-defying as my paranoid dad made it seem. He even tags along, cracked rib and doctorís advice not to even bodysurf in tow. Well-maintained boats complete with footholds keep everyone unconcussed while brainy guides moonlight as naturalists. An enjoyable trip when allís said and done, but Iíd feel much more fulfilled if Iíd gotten temporarily stuck under or at least fallen out of the boat.
        Swimming in the oceanís next. Uneventful except for me coming one step closer to being handicapped: I now have all of 2 contacts left after opening my eyes underwater. No biggie if I lose another, just wonít be able to see anything much further away than a book, aka any of the CaribbeanÖ
        Dinnerís at a place with the motto ďstill more monkeys than people.Ē This holds true, with a bunch of little spider monkeys monkeying around in trees near our table. Iím about as content with primate fulfillment as I can be without getting to take a helper monkey home: the little fellows didnít steal our food or thrown poop at up.
        We end the night with a trip to a carnival in Quepos. Not much up there: I lose a little bit of money to some stupid game while getting gipped out of a pressure cooker (yeah, I probably would have left it there and definitely donít know how to use it), and Mia starts her own dance party as people stare at her jamming whiteness in the middle of a sparsely populated portable discoís dance floor. Really feeling old as I go early to bed again, but at least weíll be early to rise tomorrow to somewhat negate my old-mannedness.

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