Not much up today. Most interesting thing was a reaffirmation of the importance of talking to strangers. While riding a stupid bus, I asked a total stranger about the book she was reading. By the time this law professor got off, I'd received a synopsis of the different career options for lawyers. Random conversations with those you don't know are an interesting and surprisingly effective way to learn stuff. Granted, they result in talking to total "nutters" (British word for crazy people that I'm bringing back with me) sometimes, but even that ends up making public transportation more entertaining.
        You'd think it's a good thing that my job's a joke. However, it's gotten so bad lately that I'm screwing up the few routine tasks that I do receive. Why? Simple: boredom. Swinging from a total netbrowsing daze into work mode is difficult when the job calling me out of leisure is as mundane as stamping a page and writing down a few numbers. In other words, I'm pretty much a total waste of space and money for South Bank University.
        I realized something pretty strange recently: Im not entirely sure what my cumulative GPA is. I put a lot of time, effort, and worry into trying to keep the damn thing high and now I can't even remember what it is! Guess I'm enjoying my summer, but I might just be getting stupider... either way, it feels good to not worry about crap like grades for awhile. Thus far, it's a good vacation. Just hope I can snap back into school mode in a few weeks, or I'm not going to want to know what my GPA is:)

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