A Little Big Apple In Between

        A bit under 24 hours in New York makes for a more familiar break. I meet up with Nikki and Lorena and, in perhaps the greatest show of restraint I have ever had, don't pop the collar down on Nikki's preppy boyfriend's purple polo. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is for me: I once literally picked up and carried out some douche bag who wouldn't put his collar down from a party at my school apartment while enforcing my "no popped collars allowed" rule.
        Seeing "Crash," a movie about racial tensions in L.A., while in NYC makes me think about the 2 cities. Unlike most everyone I've talked to, I like L.A. slightly better than NYC. Maybe I'm unfairly ignoring the shittiness that is the sprawling suburbs, but I have an excellent time sticking around the Venice Beach / Hollywood areas. Also, it's worth noting that L.A. is for and full of crazy people. The white cop harassing an innocent black couple is quite believable for me ~ a week after the older Toyota I was in got pulled over for having had the audacity to drive through Malibu at night. I didn't meet any Hispanic locksmiths or Arabic store owners shooting at the aforementioned, but I wouldn't be too surprised to see even the "Chinaman" smuggling Thais in the back of his van driving down Santa Monica Boulevard. Anyways, the moral of the stowy as I see it is that miscommunication has made L.A. a powder keg that can explode with the smallest spark. This may be true about NYC too, but I feel like the boom is / can be a lot bigger over on the west coast. Besides, they've got earthquakes and the Rodney King incident.
        Later, I venture into Brooklyn to see my oldest younger sister's summer housing. It's near the Jefferson St. subway stop, a nondescript older building by warehouses with Hispanic families who may or may not be living out of their vans playing on the sidewalks. Specifically, she's got a couch in the common room of some frisbee-playing friend's place. Not the nicest of abodes, but her $250 a month rent more than makes up for that. Besides, now I can visit my sister and score some crack in the same neighborhood:)

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