Foamy Hegemony

        Excellent way to embarrass yourself at work: play around confused with your PDA and cellphone for a few minutes as your watch alarm goes off. Yeah, everybody laughed at me; yeah, i have too many gadgets. In spite of the comic relief I provided, another meaningless day at work, another dollar earned that I really didn't do too much to earn.
        If you see a foam night advertised at a club, go to it. I'm definitely not a big club person, but this was amazing. Literally several feet of foam rained down at odd intervals throughout the night, covering the dance floor and dancers with a layer of bubbles so thick that I had to cover my mouth to breath. Being covered in soap definitely helps people lose their inhibitions: even Mike busted out some happening dance moves that rivaled Elaine's “Seinfeld” steps. Mixed with the unnecessary incentive to engage in some of my geopolitically-dependent autonomy provided by the fact that it was some of my friend's last night in town, the evening was quite enjoyable indeed. Bubbles don't work to make snow angels, random strangers don't mind you putting piles of suds on their heads, my wallet dyes money and credit cards blue when wet with soap, and cellphones have so much fun at foam parties that they just can't work ever again:)

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