Low-Cost At What Cost?

        I'm scheduled for a 7:45 a.m. flight on shady airline ATA, and by now I should have expected the dodginess that ensues. The details were boring to experience and would be worse to read about. Not checking bags or losing my temper get me out of a layover and on a direct flight that will arrive an hour later than my original flight would have.
        Oh yeah: I should probably say why I'm going to "No 'Lans." Bret, one of my best friends, lives in Baton Rouge, so I've got a good local tour guide. Combined with the fact that I've never been there and a low-priced ticket, I've got some good reasons for a trip.
        Day 1 is chilling with Bret, his parents, and some friends in Baton Rouge. It's nothing too crazy but still a good time. A lesson for me comes from the fact that a bunch of his buddies are college dropouts or less educated. This has no bearing on how enjoyable they are to hang out with; I'd do well to remember that, especially in the dregs of Wilkes-Barre.

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